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July 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

The Breakthrough Company: Strategy and leadership survey questionaire

1. Tell us the story of the history of your organization
2. How has the leadership changed over the history of your company
3. How do decisions get made in the organization? How has decisionmaking changed over the years?
4. What has made your organization so successful?
5. How does your organization measure its success?
6. Who is your customer? Why did you choose to serve those particular customers over others?
7. Why do your customers do business with you?
8. What have been your most important products and services? Why?
9. How does your firm know when it is time to add a new product or service?
10. Who is your most important competitor? Why?
11. What advantages does your firm have over the competition?
12. What are people in your firm most proud of? What are you most embarrased by?
13. What have been the most difficult times in your organizations history? Have those times had any impact, positive or negative, on the organization?
14. How do you believe you are the most different from other firms in your industry?
15. What have been the most important investments that your firm has made over the years? Tell iu about some that have succeeded and failed.
16. Have people in organizations outside your firm impacted your firms history? If so, how?
17. Has your leadership team ever been wrong? If so, how di it discover its mistake and what did it do about it?
18. What are the most important things your firm has learned? What are the most important things you have learned while working for the company?
19. Does your firm have a set of guiding values and principles? If so, what are they?
20. As you look to the future, what worries you? (NK: what challenges you? what excites you?)

(Breakthrough Company, Page 246)

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