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August 5, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Is church a waste of time? Why does it make sense to attend church and learn about God?

The God of the Bible claims to be the creator of the Universe. If its true, it is the single most important pursuit to which all other pursuits pale in comparison.

We are earthly bodies on a spiritual journey. Spiritual journeys filled will love, loss, relationships, community, success, failures, highs, lows, and almost everything in between.

We as complicated organic systems built on systems which run on emotions, energy, blood, oxygen had to come from somewhere. Our value as human beings had to come from somewhere…we are not just atoms bouncing around….we are more. You wouldn’t be reading this….you wouldn’t thinking….you couldn’t reflect on this in your minds eye.

Science requires a:
1) a thinking mind
2) a reflecting mind
3) an imagining and visualizing mind
4) a mathematics to undergird it
5) mouth and ears to communicate it
6) a predictable, rule bound would

At each level these are integrated processes and systems that are interdependent……that are vital to the functioning of science.

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