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September 6, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Resources for Classic Rhetoric Courses

Classic Rhetoric Courses
• Classic Persuasion (link)
• Digital Library of Greek Literature (link)
• Aristotle (link)
• Cicero (link)
• Quintillian (link)
• Primary Text Synopses (link)
• Rhetorica (link)
• E-Server Resource Links (link)
• Classics at MIT (link)

Rhetorical Devices
• The Forrest of Rhetoric at BYU (link)
• Virtual Salt (link)

Logical Fallacies
• Visual Version One (link)
• Visual Version Two (link)
• Visual Version Three/Taxonomy (link)

General Philosophy Links
• Episteme Links (links)
• University of Texas Resources (link)

Rhetorical Texts for Analysis:
• American Rhetoric (link)
• TED Talks (link)
• Toastmasters YouTube (link)
• Bartleby (link)

Classic Rhetoric Courses Resources:
• MIT Open Courseware on Rhetoric (link)
• MIT Open Courseware on Classic Rhetoric (link)
• RSA Resources (link)
• IHSR Resources (link)
• University of Illinois and Rhetoric Resources (link)
• Classic Rhetoric Links/Resources–Figures (link)
• More Classic Link/Resources–Ancient Rhetoric (link)
• Even More Classic Rhetoric Links/Resources–Teaching Resources (link)

TBA Rhetoric Resources (Possibly Coming Soon):
Texts, More Speech/Text Links, Tools/Worksheets, etc..

Other resources on Rhetoric from Compassion in Politics


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Dec 29 2016 6:29 pm

    Here is a list of classic philosophy readings:

    The other option would be to read modern day presidents.

    I think its also quite possible to use music to help unpack what rhetoric is all about.

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