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September 10, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What kind of educational value can you create and deliver

1) Publication (Article, Book, E-book, PDF, etc..)
2) Shifts/realizations/lessons
3) Tools/Worksheets/Questions
4) Experiences (generally face to face)
5) Connections (virtual or face to face)
6) Expert Wisdom
7) Crowdsourced wisdom (panel, etc..)
8) Summary/simplify (includes visualization which is also a tool)
9) Confidence
10) Motivation
11) Process change
12) Step by step process/Checklist (momentum)
13) Decrease blocks
14) Coaching (various) Identity/Character (wisdom or change or self-reflection)
15) Awareness (wisdom?)
16) Feedback
17) Data
18) Self-realization, Self-awareness

Types of knowledge/understanding (meta, etc..)

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  1. skmurphy / Sep 10 2014 4:10 am

    Structuring Knowledge

    Rules of Thumb: Diagnostics
    Model with Parameters
    Process / Methodology Definitions


    Influence Diagram
    Root Cause Analysis
    (Recommended) Decision
    Step by Step Plan
    Plan with Options: Decision Tree


    Tuning Model Parameters or Relationships
    New Models / Schemas

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