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October 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

7 Rules of Performance–7 Rules of Improv

1) Yes/And (with audience of speech as actor)
2) Listen
3) Stay in the moment
4) Play with players that have your back
5) Take risks (stakes are high–big risks/Bourne Identity story/”conflict is a big part of excitement/conflict in every single presentation”)
6) Choose early and often
7) When you get scared….you look at each other in the eye (????). Center (???). Stay with the audience with eyes. “Whatever is next will come.” (You stay connected. You can make it a moment)

Improv game (yes circle game)

Other notes:
* Physical action
* Allusion
* Sound effects

Here is Michael Ports Think Big Keynote on YouTube

(the above is from his creative live presentation with Amy Mead)

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