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October 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Why its important how we treat God

Treating God as sovereign and powerful is important for the following key reasons:
1) Truth. How we are made/the proper order of the universe. Potter > clay. Alpha and omega trumps all. Noting except God = alpha and omega–the begging and the end. This is who He is at a fundamental level
2) Justice. Fair treatment of God stems from who He is and who we are. Also our history.
3) Relationship/Love/Worship. The relationship is one of father/child. This skews that relationships. [the logic of truth & justice also speaks to this.] Acknowledging his awesome-ness and power and being grateful in response
4) Ethics. You could also make the argument based on rebellion. Rebellion against good is evil. The ten commandments would suggest this would be an example of making an idol after yourself.

I would suggest these are the top 4. You could make more direct reference to identity to make these arguments.
1) Potter/Clay
2) Father/Son
3) Identity. Who He is. Alpha/Omega

I don’t like to use this term per se–but you could say incorrectly handling reality is in fact a perversion (or warping) of reality.

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