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October 22, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Critique of the Atheist/Naturalist/Materialist Worldview–a Total and Utter TKO

These methods are the same methods that:
1) Allowed leadership and courage to overcome the skepticism we had in the caves.
2) Its these methods of empiricism
3) Its these methods that allow inferences, intuition, and abductive logic to take us to the next stage in human development. Science is a poor language to talk about the future–if abductive logic isn’t involved
4) Without relationships–and actually a long line of them–there wouldn’t be a United States or a you. Relationships are grounded in an epistemological basis that is beyond what can be tested in a laboratory.
5) You couldn’t live and experience life in all its freshness, originality, and creativity without some degree of non-scientific evidence.
6) Not even scientists only use science as their only form of proof.

Gut check–is there any human or scientist who lives by “I don’t do it unless there is scientific evidence to prove it.” That would be simply silly. Life is too original and people too different and life is advancing too fast for science to provide answers to all of lifes questions–particularly those about our future.

This worldview is telling you to deny whats on the inside of your head in terms of your experience of reality–that turns you into an autonomon–that has no experience, no evidence, and not much of a way to improve their lot in life. Its a form of paralysis thats terminal. (not to mention the previous problem I outlined with respect to leaving the cave in the first place).

Moreover, your argument ends in an ideology in which we have nothing but physics & chemistry & biology departments in universities. Thats rolling the clock back on knowledge and the human experience in vastly counter-productive ways. (talk about functional book burning–we’re talking about crushing whole departments).

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