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November 6, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

List of Movies for Possible Story/Persuasion Examples

• Star Wars (series)
• Hobbit (series)
• Harry Potter (series)
• Saving Private Ryan (Black Hawk Down)
• Forrest Gump
• ET
• Toy Story (series)
• Finding Forrester
• Finding Nemo

Persuasion/Inner Dialog:
• Walter Mitty
• Jerry Maguire
• Garden State

Rom Coms:
• Serendipity
• High Fidelity
• Forget Paris
• Before Sunrise
• Gross Point Blank
• We Bought a Zoo

Social Change Movies
• Education
• Fracking
• Education Doc

Persuasion/Public Speaking
{see also movies with public speaking/motivational speech or sports movies}

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