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November 16, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What is Andy Stanley’s Model of Preaching in Communicating For a Change

Andy Stanley explains Me-We-God-You-We sermon structure above. The video is 30 minutes long–the video unpacks some of the principles from “Communicating for a Change”. Andy is truly a master communicator.

This breaks down the Me-We-God-You-Me sermon structure simply.

Here is a summary outline of his book “Communicating for a Change”

• As Stanley points out “There’s something at stake in your…..(insert area of life).”

• Know, Do, Why?, Why do this? (whats at stake and the opportunity cost of inaction)

• The burden on the preacher (ie their personal and spiritual driving force for preaching a lesson) [emotional energy & charge & passion] How does that come across?

• Deliver the message in a phrase “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”
what do they need to remember. “Stick it into their conscience.”

• “Whats the one thing you want them to remember? Whats the bottom line?”

Here is the summary of Andy Stanley’s model directly from page 197 of “Communicating for a Change”:

What do they need to know? Information
Why do they need to know it? Motivation
What do they need to do? Application
What do they need to do it? Inspiration
How can I help them remember? Reiteration

Here is the book available on Amazon.

What is your favorite advice on preaching, either from Andy or elsewhere?

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