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November 17, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Aren’t all religions just the same? Answering the objections and challenges to the Christian faith

Why is it that the religions of the world are different? Or are they just the same? How is New Testament Christianity different from other world religions and faith-traditions?

Recognize that a faith based orientation which says all religions are just the same is ultimately pantheist rather than theistic in orientation. I think the pantheist here has a much higher burden of proof in terms of proving their case to be true.

Beyond that–here are at least 7 key differences between the world religions and faith traditions:
1) Fundamentally different principles, leaders, and sayings. Their leaders and their message(s) say different things. They are fundamentally different world-views–that do have overlap–but also contradiction. Theres no

2) Divinity of Jesus (and Bible) (see 3 and 4, but there are other reasons as well)

3) Predictions and Prophecy of Old Testament Fulfilled in Jesus Christ (44 prophecies fulfilled in the person of Jesus)

4) In tomb vs risen (i.e. not dead). Jesus is unique in that he’s not lying dead in a tomb like all the founders of other faith-traditions.

5) Grace and forgiveness (the importance of this is incredible–because this is the difference with the perfectionist tendancies of some other faith-groups. Christianity isn’t about perfectionism and performance–but more about a faithful-relationship and loving relationship with God as demonstrated by ones heart and devotion)

6) Cultural results. This is a historical question–and the cultural legacy of Judeo-Christian cultures is impressive–especially in terms of being advocates for human rights. (link)

7) Uniqueness of Jesus–life, principles, etc (link). This one is worth researching on a far more in-depth level.

So when it comes to world religion–the distinctions make all the difference.
This is an answer to the atheists as well.

The core similarities are interesting–because they do point to commonalities in values on some levels–but ultimately represent different world-views (especially on the level of culture is where this is manifested most concretely and tangibly)

Like saying there are only four kinds of movies–because all dramas, romances, mysteries, and comedies all are the same. There are core similiarities–but the difference both small and large matter a great deal both

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