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December 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Famous Classic Christian Poets

The more correct title for this post is probably “poets with potentially Christian themes”:
• Anne Bradstreet
• Emily Bronte
• John Donne
• TS Elliot
• Thomas Merton
• W.B. Yeats
Blake (link)
Wordsworth (link)
Keats (link)
Breakdown by Romantic vs. Enlightenment (link) (focus on Blake, Wordsworth, and Keats)
Short index of poets from Bartleby (link)
Romantic Poets from Poetry Foundation (link)

A pretty decent list here (link)

Romantic Poetry (link)

Quora (link)

Wikipedia (link)

This search is also helpful (link)

Lyrics Database (link)

John Donne Devotions (link)


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