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December 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How do I continue to stay interesting to friends and mates

I’ve only lived in the planet for 30+ years and I continue to learn about this on a weekly and even daily basis. But if I have to consolidate what I’ve gleaned on this topic–here are 9 ways key ways to stay interesting:

1. Listening. Pay attention to them.
2. Cultivate curiosity about the world (and about them)
3. Keep exploring (try new food, try new music, try new books, etc…)
4. Keep challenging yourself
5. Keep learning (always be learning, always be growing). Learning from life, learning from others, learning from them, and learning from books/media.
6. Ask thought provoking questions (not super deep, but important or interesting)
7. Find out who your audience is. What they like…what they find interesting. (this goes hand in hand with #1 actually). Discover them as an emotional being–a human being.
8. Create a process for learning (and exploring). If you find how this comes the easiest–this makes the process easier and faster–so you don’t have to think about it.
9. Keep loving them–and demonstrate it. This is quite helpful and by a well respected psychologist and author: The 5 Love Languages®

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