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December 3, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

My criticism of Sarah Moons Criticism of Fireproof and Kirk Cameron

What was the proof again that Kirk Cameron is a woman hating mysogynist? Some author he has nothing to do with? I’m really confused and befuttled by an article that cast accusations and doesn’t have much in the realm of proof. Thats guilt by association [This sounds similar….ergo it must be the same thing]……and thats not something I’m particularly a fan of as a Christian or someone committed to making the world better.

Conservative essentialism is not a way to address real issues or solve problems–or discover truth. It seems that doing that makes one part of the stock logic of the conservative logic machine (ie right wing radios use of these tactics).

I don’t see how 100% de-contextualizing one scene from the movie–where he was clearly the “bad guy” in that scene. The article seemed more like a witch hunt of Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick without any real grounding. I don’t see that as productive for feminists or Christians. I may have missed something in the article–but this seems more destructive than constructive. If you want to talk about these issues fine….but don’t bring only vaguely related scenarios and ideologies to the table as your proof. So yes, she found a way to incorrectly manipulate or skew that scene to fit her agenda or narrative. Go after missions with more solid proof–not massively speculative witch hunts.


Give them respect (or even love them) doesn’t mean stay and take a beating. They aren’t mutually exclusive. I don’t know beyond scene where Kirk is actually a “bad guy” what she is referring to. The writer sends the opposite message. And….I think you have to separate sending messages and author intent versus the continuum or range of possible misinterpretations (inferences or not).

The message in the movie is never stay with your abuser and take the fist and the boot (as far as I know). Love and respect aren’t mutually exclusive with a range of responses and options, particularly self-defense. Further, I think Ms. Moon paints with a large brush…..what could be painted with a much more instructive one. I did see this, but it contextualized its criticism I think much better (focus & precision versus broadly casting stones where they may not belong). One movie is never the magic potion for anything–thats the nature of the diversity of the human experience. In the case of an inspirational climbing movie-climbing mountains might not be right for people in wheel chairs or with chronic respiratory problems–but its good for other people. I realize this was perhaps hailed as magic elixer by some–but those people aren’t the authors/writers/editors. Moon could have cited sources from those people versus what I saw as her spin. This article seems to be more targeted, precise IMHO.

(link to an alternative article)


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