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December 7, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Criticism of Jungian Psychology, Theology and Philosophy

Carl Jungs Philosophy is Anti-Christian: Criticism of Jungian Ethics, Religion, Etc…

This critique of Jungian’s analysis of religion is quite on point.

This analysis and criticism is also quite helpful.

Here is an incredibly long, but seemingly helpful critique of Jungian religious and theological thinking (its 86 pages long, so its a bit like drinking from a fire-hose)

Moreover, there is the problem of psychologizing religion. Paul Copan has written on the topic of “Does Religion Originate in the Brain?” here. [this move is problematic for other reasons–because this move is equally problematic when carried out by any of our most strongly held beliefs & it fails to take seriously the multiple sources of credible proof that Christians commonly used–including experience and history]

I don’t think the psychological ideas Jung advocates in terms of:
1) introverts & extroverts
2) archetypes
is of necessity bad or wrong.

However, he is a gnostic. His is a gnostic philosophy and worldview. He made his own gnostic religion. So in a sense, he is a cult leader.  Carl Jung’s connections to the occult and the New Age movement aren’t exactly secrets.  (its pretty easy to find these connection.  If you want to learn about the problems of the New Age movement from CARM you might check of one or more of the articles from this list).

His philosophy was connected to Nazism in a significant way, and he himself was forced to change his viewpoint later in life to avoid this connection. (link)

Oddly, his philosophy is often used as the basis of atheistic critiques of Christianity. He groups all religions together.

Next, he re-imagines what evil is–in an unBiblical way. He re-imagines what God is–in an unBiblical way.

He’s deeply influenced by Nietzsche, which infects his philosophy/ethics in a negative way. (Its also possible he was influenced by Freud, also an atheist philosopher)

Personally, I’m still interested in personality tests & archetypes, but its important to be self-reflective and discerning when using these or reading any Jungian based philosophy or ideas.

I should re-iterate that I’m not saying that everything Jung said was anti-Christian, but that his overall worldview and thinking was certainly anti-Christian and so it requires a certain degree of discernment.  If you want a semi-comprehensive breakdown, I suggest the large PDF I pointed to above.  Here is a summary of Carl Jung’s viewpoint on religion from wikipedia (link).  Its important to remember that when you contrast that with the Biblical view of Christianity, that it merely makes stuff up and posits itself as truth.  The Bible, by constrast has lots of internal and external verifications.

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