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December 20, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Entrepreneurial Limiting Beliefs–Lessons Learned

I can’t say I’ve experienced monetary success entrepreneurially, but here are a couple that I’m quite sure other entrepreneurs struggle with based on first hand knowledge and experience:

Not leveraging collaboration, feedback, and accountability (it helps massively to have a guide who can help provide inspiration and guidance). Time in research, Linked in, other social networks, and on the phone and via email with this one.
Not hustling enough (see also drive/why/passion & time)
Not getting specific enough (part of this is focus)
Not setting deadlines (making time an important issue. There are 80 hours in a week)
Not setting goals (also not breaking the process down)
Not thinking self-reflectively systematically about myself and the business
Not enough conversations with customers
Not budgeting and/or risking strategically
Trying to do it all myself
Commitment/Deciding (going all in on something for a very set time). I was all-in but not in a specific way
Perfectionism out of the gates

Here are a couple more (with some emphasis):

Fear/comfort zone (this is your ego talking many times–ego is huge here….not real things to fear….especially if you work out the budget issue). Not trusting myself.
Not wanting it enough (part of this is your why). Determination, passion & drive–all behind one idea.
Setting yourself up for success (removing barriers/creating an ideal working environment, keeping organized, etc..)
Refreshing with time for self & time for socialization (this helps with feedback and ideally with mental health/happiness/joy)
Not spending 20 to 30 minutes a day exercising. Starting somewhere would be helpful. Walking around the block can be great too.
Devoted time for Free writing/Brainstorming/Planning/Sitting with blank page/journal in front of me. (too much time spent online and/or distracted–for instance too much time on Quora). Too much time in front of a computer.
Lack of follow up.

My guess if my understanding of the entrepreneurial psyche from the inside is true these are the most important and significant 21 limiting factors on entrepreneurial success.

Perhaps not creating my own side incentives by be 22.

I’m curious if any of this could be made into a system….kind of like the McKinsey 7 part model….or something which helped you unpack this so that it was super simple

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