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January 31, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

The Bible on Women in Christian Church Ministry and Leadership–Church of Christ Edition

The New Testament on Women in Ministry in the Church of Christ

Inclusion of Women in Worship: The Highland Church of Christ

This mentions a number of roles for women citing Biblical models:


Several key examples show women’s participation in these kingdom events and the new community:
1. Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus had cast seven demons; Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward, Chuza; Susanna and many others provide for the disciples from their means (Luke 8:1–3).

2. Mary and Martha, two sisters from Bethany, and their brother, Lazarus, open their home to Jesus and serve his needs in a very personal way (Luke 10:38–42).

3. A poor widow gives all that she has, two coins, and is commended by Jesus to his disciples, and ultimately to all of us, for her faithfulness and generosity (Luke 21:1–4).

4. Women are the last at the cross and first at the tomb (Luke 23:55, 24:1–10).

5. Tabitha, a faithful disciple who leads/serves a group of widows and orphans, dies, and the group is so distraught that Peter resurrects her so she can continue her good works (Acts 9:36–41).

6. Lydia, a wealthy merchant, is gathered with a group of God-fearers in Philippi worshipping God when she meets Paul. Upon hearing the gospel, she and her whole household—she is the head of it—are baptized (Acts 16:14–15, 40).

7. Priscilla and Aquilla teach Apollos sound doctrine and continue to serve in the kingdom as co-workers, co-leaders with Paul and each other (Acts 18:24–28, Rom 16:3–4, 1 Cor 16:19).

8. Philip, the evangelist, has four unmarried daughters who prophesy (Acts 21:9).

9. Phoebe is commended as a deaconess, and her service to the kingdom is extolled, and Junia is mentioned as prominent among the apostles (Rom 16:1, 7).

10. Euodia and Syntyche are listed as Paul’s fellow-workers and urged to agree in the Lord (Phil 4:2–3).

11. Lois and Eunice are commended as grandmother and mother to the envoy, Timothy, for how they have developed and influenced his faith (2 Tim 1:5).

The emphasis in these passages is on faithfulness, unity, surrender, discipleship, mission, blessing, giving, serving, learning, healing, sharing, giftedness, honoring, teaching, partnership, mutuality, and prayer. Truly, “Jesus was a friend of women. He vigorously promoted the dignity and equality of women in terms of both value and function, and He left us this example [to follow].”28 Jesus essentially establishes a new paradigm for our world.

The full article is available here.

This is a Womens Leadership conference held at Abelieve Christian University. It seems the Conference speakers reflect a good range of viewpoints on the topic of women in ministry and leadership in the Christian church and the church of Christ. You can access the handouts and notes here.

For instance Cukrowski highlights Ten functions of women in the New Testament:
1. Female Deacons
2. Female Patrons
3. Female Apostles
4. Ministry Teams
5. Female Host of House Churches
6. Female Coworkers
7. Female Laborers
8. Female Prophets
9. Female Prayer
10. Female Teachers

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