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March 18, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Quotes from Christian Apologist Frank Turek from “Stealing from God”

In reference to the testimony about Jesus in the New Testament, Turek points out:

Early testimony
Eyewitness testimony
Elaborate testimony
Embarrassing testimony
Excruciating testimony
Expected testimony
Extra biblical testimony
Frank Turek, Stealing from God

Here are proofs/evidence of the existence of God when compared to the universe that atheism presupposes:

The beginning of the universe
The fine-tuning of the universe
The laws of nature
The laws of logic
The laws of mathematics
Information (genetic code)
Mind and consciousness
Free will
Objective morality

Frank Turek, Stealing from God P. xxiv

Crimes is an acronym that Turek uses as a memory device for remembering a number of key arguments about the Christian faith:

Information and intentionality
Frank Turek, Stealing from God, P. xviii

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