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March 31, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Best Christian Videos Available Online

First, Andy Stanley’s Series are available at their Your Move Is Website (aka Your Move dot Is) or you can view them on YouTube on Northpoint’s Community Church’s YouTube Channel (you can also record them via DVR on your local NBC affiliate.  Andy Stanley’s message comes on after Saturday Night Live)

Series include: Guardrails, Growing Your Faith, Marriage Expectations, The Message of Jesus, What Can You Expect from God?, Prayer, Your Move, Managing Personal Finances, Balanced, and other relevant messages.

Second, I Am Second Short personal videos which tell stories which have relevance to the key struggles in life.  Well produced, personal, and sooooo honest. (there is also a section on Christian Life Questions)

Third, The One Minute Apologist may be helpful for those who need answers to the questions of skeptics.

Fourth, the Christian music station K-Love has a YouTube channel that includes live music performances in studio as well as Christian music artists telling their story.

Fifth, God Tube is a YouTube like site thats focused on Christian and faith videos.  Its much more faith based on YouTube will ever be or can hope to be.  The music performances and artists themselves are quite entertaining.

Sixth, God Vine I believe is a much, much smaller website that Godtube–I’m not sure if it has any additional content.  I imagine most videos in this category are available and posted to GodTube.

Seventh, Gibbs Game Plan for Life includes videos from a number of former athletes.  I would say that the I Am Second Videos have more variety and are probably more dramatic, but these videos may also carry credibility with teens and young adults, especially those who like football.

Eighth, you might also seek out individual Christian artists on Youtube.  They are also available here on Todays Christian Music under the Videos tab.


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