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April 3, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

What is the cultural impact of Christianity?

Despite  its humble origins, the Church has made more changes on earth for the  good than any other movement or force in history. To get an overview of  some of the positive contributions Christianity has made through the  centuries, here are a few highlights:

  • Hospitals, which essentially began during the Middle Ages.
  • Universities, which also began during the Middle Ages. In addition,
  • most of the world’s greatest universities were started by Christians for Christian purposes.
  • Literacy and education for the masses.
  • Capitalism and free-enterprise.
  • Representative government, particularly as it has been seen in the
  • American experiment.
  • The separation of political powers.
  • Civil liberties.
  • The abolition of slavery, both in antiquity and in more modern times.
  • Modern science.
  • The discovery of the New World by Columbus.
  • The elevation of women.
  • Benevolence and charity; the ‘Good Samaritan’ ethic.
  • Higher standards of justice.
  • The elevation of the common man.
  • High regard for human life.
  • The codifying and setting to writing of many of the world’s languages.
  • Greater development of art and music. The inspiration for the greatest works of art.

Source: D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? pp. 3, 4

You can purchase or read reviews on Amazon here and/or read more about the cultural impact of Christianity here.

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