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May 14, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Where Can You Find Proof of God’s Existence? Or Truth of the Bible? Or Truth of Christianity?

What is the Proof?
Ok…the implicit premise of this question is pretty dubious.

The Bible itself is full of proof and speaks to the issue of evidence.

Have you ever been in a library of theology. At a decent sized university thats probably upwards of 50,000 volumes of philosophical, theological, and other arguments for faith.

So the polarization of rationality and faith into two radically different camps is simply not true.

That is to misunderstand the role faith plays in our relationships in terms of trust.

If you claim there is no evidence…..the actual evidence that does exist cries out for an answer. You’ve simply ignored existing evidence. That proves absolutely nothing except that you haven’t fully investigated the question.

Have you read any Alister McGrath?
Have you read any CS Lewis?
Have you read any William Craig?
Have you read any Paul Copan?
Have you read any John Lennox?
Have you read any David Hart Bentley?
Have you read any Frank Turek?
Have you read any Ravi Zacharias?
Have you read any Tim Keller?
Have you read any NT Wright?

If you can’t say yes in each case….you haven’t given Christianity a full attempt at a hearing. A judge at a case can’t just ignore the evidence that is out there.

There are answers out there… just have to seek them.

There is proof out there….you just have to find them.

You looking in the wrong places for proof of Christianity doesn’t really prove there is no proof. Its just an assertion in the face of massive proof in the other direction.

They have developed in depth case for Christianity and living by the principles of the Bible. The problem people don’t fully realize is the Bible isn’t just a text….its a Living Text. Its something that can breathe energy, vitality, and strength into our lives. It helps us to see life dimensionally in ways that we never have before.

Why Seek Truth?
Truth-seeking is about finding answers–its not about finding answers that satisfy our ego, in the way that “do whatever you want” might. On the contrary, we have to take an honest look at the issues, arguments, and values involved.

I would also suggest that truthseekers, people who are genuinely interested i truth and interested in living in truth in their life would want to seek deeper and richers answers. Why are we here? Why am I here? These aren’t questions that atheism, skepticism, or scientific naturalism can fully answer. Its answers come up fundamentally short in the same ways its answers in terms of consciousness, choice, identity, and subjectivity come up fundamentally short.

For me, thats not enough. I want something more. I want deeper answers. If you’re willing to have skin deep physcialist answers–that suggests a very thin and narrow form of truth seeking. You’ve over-simplified the universe and you’ve over simplified the human experience. Human life is so much richer and deeper. Love is so much more than chemicals. A world of just physics and chemistry would be one that most people wouldn’t choose to live. Our current existence–the way we live–makes so much more sense.

Sure, you can strawperson faith till the cows come home. You can do the same with any way of thinking. That’s how strawpersons work. They aren’t honest. They don’t look at the argument or way to thinking on their own terms. They are an easy way out.

You can certainly say…….that the proof isn’t out there….but that doesn’t change the facts that it is. There is rational, logical, and philosophical proof for Christianity.

For more on this….for more truth….I suggest reading various proofs here:
Nathan Ketsdever’s answer to Besides faith, what reasons do you have for believing or not believing in a higher power?

But….thats just a start. To declare something….one has to actually have more than just a cursory exposure. One has to find out about Democrats by listening to more than Republicans. One has to find out about Republicans by listening to more then Democrats.

Don’t waste your life….with half-truthes. Don’t waste your life with half-answers. Don’t waste your life by pursuing the wrong goals or with the wrong assumptions.

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