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June 8, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

What are other reasons why church attendance is practical and Biblically encouraged

Here are ten key reasons for Church attendance on sunday and anytime the church doors are open:

1) Moments of rememberence, self-reflection, and re-focus.

2) Time of mental preparation.

3) All the reasons that the fruits of the spirit are a good idea.

4) Keeping you goal-focused on your values (and ultimate meaning and purpose in the world).

5) Keeping you goal-focused on your Heavenly father, Jesus’ sacrifice, and your identity in Christ

6) Building the body (lots of Biblical reasons here).  Taking more people to heaven.  Christianity is a team sport.  Helping lighten another persons load.

7) Habits matter.  Habits are multipliers.  Each opportunity counts.  Investing time and resources in relationships pays dividends.

8) Its a measure of your commitment and the quality of the relationship

9) There is power in collective action & community.  We need others for the journey.  We grow together and we grow in the context of relationship and community.

10)  Its a unique time of learning training your brain for your encounters with evil.

Objections: Its not as entertaining as I would like.  Requires willpower.  I’d rather be fishing.

Answering Objections: Implications are eternal.  Its about providing a systemic time in your week for God and for your church family.  Family makes time for family.  (thats what family is and does).  Its about learning to love it.  Perhaps you need to re-orient your thinking/feeling or find a church that connects with you.  But ultimately, all great achievement, accomplishment, and excellence requires sacrifice.  This is no exception.

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