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August 21, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Are Christians responsible for televangelists who warp the message of Jesus Christ?

George Bush used the rhetoric of human rights and democracy to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, does that call democracy and human rights into question? I don’t know what televangelists have to do with Christianity started by Jesus Christ except that they steal his image and warp it. How is Jesus responsible for cooping his rhetoric in the opposite direction of its intended purpose? Jesus was loving, serving, helping the poor. These self-serving televangelists have nothing to do with that. Are you responsible for teachers or communicators who abuse their power? This cuts both ways. These televangelists that present a warped view of the message of Jesus don’t need less Jesus but more Jesus. They need more of the loving, serving, helping the poor that lies at the heart of Christianity. Jesus threw out the money changers out of the church.

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