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October 1, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

The 15 Stories that CEOs, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs Tell

Here is a short list of 15 types of stories entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs tell:

  1. Stories of grit, determination, and persistence
  2. Stories with eventual success and triumph
  3. Stories of failure (ideally with either course correction or resilience/bouncing back).  Probably even the dangers of getting stuck.
  4. Stories about service and values
  5. Stories about fear and conquering fear
  6. Stories about focus
  7. Stories about mindset
  8. Stories about commitment, dedication, and sacrifice
  9. Stories about accountability
  10. Stories about history
  11. Stories about family
  12. Stories about risk and innovation
  13. Stories about weighing competing considerations/priorities
  14. Stories about character and identity
  15. Sales stories/Scenario stories/Customer stories/Roleplaying stories

What types of stories and anecdotes do entrepreneurs and leaders tell others?  How can we learn more about organizations from the stories they tell?

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