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November 18, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

An ode to the illogic of materialistic and naturalistic Atheism

Because its obvious that all that stuff occurs naturally.  Beauty, order, design, and even intention spring fourth from the void of existence like clockwork.

Apparently existence is “like a clock” but like a naturally occuring clock, not one that would need a watch-maker to intricately make design and organizational choices on each and every organism (and who uses patterns in His work).

Life springs from non-life.

The mirror image of wave….and sky… purely incidental.

The mirror image of son…..and moon….is purely incidental.

That human is midway between atom and sun is purely incidental.

Information springs to life in useful and not mutated form.

The scientific laws….from chemistry and physics….are likewise incidental.

And our minds are just time x chance x sex = mind.

And so, so, much more.  You can read it all….in a book with no author and see the pictures that are beyond epic….yet lack a painter or photographer, or designer.

We’re just a closed naturalistic and materialist system that goes on mechanistically and robotically….even though the physics for that have long been disproven in the last paradigm shift in physics that started roughly 100 years ago.

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