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November 28, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Teaching Writing/Speech Philosophy

Draft One:

  1. Humans are truth seeking and pattern seeking beings.
  2. Humans are rational and deliberative beings.
  3. Humans are social, communal, and relational beings.
  4. Human relations are governed by ethical value choices.
  5. Questions drive discovery.
  6. Research is the transmission of discovery.
  7. Developing critical thinking is key to learners.  This primarily occurs through peer to peer discussion, class discussion, essays, revisions, and project based learning.
  8. The goal is to provide students of critical thinking.

To be added.

Six other main goals for the course:

  1. Exposure to great ideas and specifically great ideas in conflict. (ideas in dialog and conflict)
  2. Great speeches & great pieces (although not necessarily “classic,” but culturally, ethically, and relationally relevant)
  3. Critical thinking/Class discussion
  4. Self-expression
  5. Self-reflection
  6. Leveraging digital tools & search in a practical way

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