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January 1, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Answering 9 Questions Atheists Might Find Insulting

Questions and inquiry generally serve both truth and science. They are pretty much the pre-conditions for allowing answers to emerge.

The nature of the debate seems bristled. Chill pill. Do you have experiences of overly aggressive Christian evangelists? I’m sorry. I’m sure they have the best of intentions.

Can the person with the perfect worldview please stand up? Everyone has limits on their worldview.
Thats why we proceed on faith.

Quality discussion does not proceed on the basis of overgeneralization. Religion has done some bad thins. But the specifics. Thats like saying high school students bombed–therefore I won’t go goto high school. Or the Nazis were from Germany–so I won’t go there.

This dialog has to proceed as cross-personal, we should not attempt to erect enourmous roadblocks in this conversation as “off limits”


I would suggest you check out some of the videos on Veritas Forum.

Well, the articles tone could probably do with some adjustments. Perhaps in the same way the caricature its replying to could use adjustments. It seems to suggest that critical exploration of the biggest questions of the universe should be off limits because of guilt by association. It assumes the motive of the person….without evidence. Discouraging dialog, listening, and understanding (or creating a bias against them) runs counter to the the project of education and debate. Are there any questions off limits to discussion and truth-finding in the court-room?

She outlines 9 questions in the article and then probably another 10 questions in the conclusion. Very few of those can you actually draw a line to bigotry or dehumanization. Her analysis fails to look at the issue of motive–an issue far, far, far more important than the a supposed and unproven connection to dehumanization or bigotry. Both sides should be more sensitive–less name calling and less trafficing in overgeneralization. The article perhaps should have been called “9 questions I don’t like to answer about faith and atheism.” Encouraging skeptics to have or experiencing anger or resentment doesn’t help further understanding, communication, or truth.

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