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January 20, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

My Critique of Scientism in Rant Form

The problem is those who turn it into an ideology or worldview or belief system aren’t necessarily conscious that they are doing so. Or the ways in which it undermines both human thought and action. (because our daily lives involve 100s of decisions not subject to scientific proof in the strictest sense). Not to mention the wisdom of history, philosophy, literature, art, and those disciplines of the university which fall outside of physics, biology, and chemistry. To follow it to its logical conclusion would be to totally ignore all knowledge that didn’t fall from those 3 disciplines–at the university, at the library, on Amazon, and in our real lives. Its a fundamental impossibility–otherwise you end up jumping into the void of non-knowledge which means throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Unfortunately, Scientism is a dehumanizing sickness of our cultural times. And its not the first time either. The behaviorists if not directly, certainly indirectly did so. All the way back to the Atomists of Aristotle’s time who reduced everything to atoms in a reductionist kind of way. (Sadly that overly simplistic reductionism hasn’t gone away either). Its ironic that a skeptic will be skeptical of almost everything but his/her own skepticism, materialism, naturalism, and scientism. Active denial is often the response that I’ve seen most often. Ignoring the elephant in the room certainly doesn’t solve anything.

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