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March 5, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Lakoff, Donald Trump, Metaphors, and Strict fathers

George Lakoff, who is a scholar of metaphor and politics gives his take on Donald Trump. (link)

Here is my take on Lakoff’s analysis RE: Donald Trump and the Strict Father Metaphor:

Interesting article…..but I think Lakoff is faaaaaar too tied into his pet theory. Speaking of archetypes and metaphors, I’m confused how a “strict father model” would jive with the side-show esque nature of Trump. Its precisely rebellion thats at the heart of Trump without any core of character or ethics–there is no backbone. Trump isn’t the ultimate strict father, but the ultimate rebellious clown & the ultimate flip flopper. Not to mention, Trump is anti-free market on China and elsewhere. Perhaps the “strict father” is just whatever Lakoff wants it to be–in so far as it fits or approximates reality.

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