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May 5, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

What are the sources of apparent contradictions in the New Testament Gospel accounts

Five Common Sources of Apparent Contradiction

1) Carelessness—interpreting a phrase or sentence without regard to genre or narrative context.

2) Completeness—assuming that every account of an event includes every single detail about it.

3) Conflation—treating two different events or persons as the same.

4) Confusion—treating the same event or person as different (common with names).

5) Context—ignoring facts about the language and culture of the events, or assuming that those are identical to the cultural context we share today.

Dr. Timothy McGrew–Professor of Philosophy

I would also point out that RC Sproul recommends Dr. Gleason L. Archer Jr. who has two books on this subject.  I’m guessing his more recent is probably more comprehensive, in that its an “Encyclopedia”  Its called the New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties.  It runs about $20 on Amazon here.

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