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June 17, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

32 Best Inspirational Sports Movies


My Favorite Inspirational Sports Movies:

  1. Pride (inner city swimming)
  2. Miracle (USA Hockey Team and the Olympics)
  3. Gabby Davis Story (Gymnastics/Olympics Story)
  4. Chariots of Fire (Track and Field/Olympics)
  5. My All American (University of Texas Football)
  6. When the Game Stands Tall (High School football)
  7. Hoosiers (High School Basketball)
  8. Facing the Giants (High School football)
  9. Woodlawn (High School football)
  10. Seabisquit (horse racing)
  11. Dreamer (horse racing)
  12. Blindside (high school football)
  13. The Rookie (baseball)
  14. Invinsible (football)
  15. Rudy (football)
  16. Karate Kid series (karate/martial arts)

Other Inspirational Sports Movies:

  1. Moneyball (baseball)
  2. Million Dollar Arm (baseball)
  3. Rocky series (boxing)
  4. Bruce Lees (bio pic)
  5. Remember the Titans (football)
  6. Soul Surfer (surfing)
  7. Life of a King (chess)
  8. Bend it Like Beckham (soccer)
  9. Glory Road
  10. Coach Carter (basketball)
  11. Field of Dreams (baseball)
  12. Ali (boxing)
  13. Friday Night Lights (high school football)
  14. We Are Marshall (college football)
  15. Various ESPN documentaries (30 for 30, SEC Storied, etc..)
  16. I haven’t seen Linsanity, but that looks potentially interesting.

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