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July 24, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Bill and Melinda Gates at Stanford–Studies in the Rhetoric of Leadership

Ego Appeal
Common ground/mission
Parallelism on specific issues (evidence/demonstration)
One word we love: optimism. That…. *** Belief ***
His story
My belief…
Its been 40 years since then…
More optimistic then ever.
Evolution of optimism
Your optimism & ours could do more
What we wanted to do….bring it to people
Democratize computing
Digital divide
Story of trip to South Africa
Passed into a world that was completely different from….
Before….but I was blind…..
So taken back….did I still believe innovation could solve the toughest problems….
Struggling hospital….individual story…
“This was Hell with a waiting list”
Optimisim dismisses…theres also false hopelessness

Desires….to touch….
Home for the dying…
the stigma of aids….especially for women
I felt complete and totally helpless….

NK: faces of suffering/stories of suffering = empathy

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