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July 24, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

My little diatribe on Gays and the Church

I think its moving away from a distinction of lifestyle sin versus sin. That sin is sin. I think a lot of stuff we just label sin or addiction is sin. He didn’t use this justification, but if we thought lifestyle sin was an issue we would have to kick out the alcoholics and drunks and the over-eaters and liars too.

We need to act out the love of Jesus to other people, sinners included. I’ve seen it does well and I’ve seen it done wrong

I think its about sheep. We need sheep. We are dying. We’re told to find sheep. We’re not told to judge. We’re told to find sheep. Our focus has been singular in terms of the do-nots versus the positive dos….positive action. I think its a realization that when we polarize against gays….there is about ZERO hope of them coming to church.
And thats historically just true.
At least in my experience.
I think you can make an argument based on “seasons of the church” He didn’t make that argument.
He made the argument primarily based on church growth and our need to go after the lost. Period.

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