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July 24, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

What should preachers know about storytelling

Core components of storytelling for preachers:
1. Context and scene set up
2. Conflict (internal–heart/mind/gut and external)
3. Details, concreteness, and VACOK description
4. The power of silence and pausing
5. The Hero’s Journey (1000 Miles version). Very key ***
6. Contrast….(this isn’t just…its…..)
7. Calling Out Experiences (Attention Getting, Empathy, Understanding)

Here are a couple others:
1. Relatability/Humanity of the story
2. Translation of the story.
3. Moral of the story.
4. Application & Memory.
5. Helping parishoners create questions for reading the text and implementing in their own lives. Helping them become critical thinkers with regard to story, etc..
6. History, where does the story fit?
7. Ah-ha moments
8. Mystery, curiosity (Open Loops)
9. Empathy (this is me, this is human)
10. Other Possibilities: In story realizations, Archetypes (?)

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