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July 29, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

The need to integrate faith and reason for truth, understanding, and decision-making

Here are seven key considerations which can point in the direction of the critical need for integration:

  • The emotional aspects of decision-making are 100% inevitable.
  • Behavioral economics makes this argument in terms of Thinking I and Thinking II (its also developed by David Brooks in his book The Road to Virtue, in which he draws on Adam I and Adam II thinking, which parallels somewhat the distinction in behavioral economics).
  • Either you are explicit about your faith, or you get one implicitly.
  • Faith is key to the human life. Its impossible to life without faith.
  • Value and worldview discussions are articles of faith.
  • Faith can be grounded in empirical data and experience.
  • Wisdom is reflective of an emotional and faith-based approach to life.

Its also worth noting the following seven key insights:

  • Reductive rationalism is actually bad. Sheldon Cooper and Spock are great examples. [this provides the need that emotion & faith can serve]
  • The idea that Christianity isn’t rational—assumes a particular type of rationality, in the same way that Objectivism by Rand assumes a particular type of rationality that not everyone buys into.
  • Aristotlean logic and even Platonic logic is more in line with Christian thinking than the reductionistic aspects of new atheism. Various reasons why reductionism is anti-logical and anti-rational.
  • Ideologies like determinism, scientism, and materialism are hardly rational.
  • Relativism is irrational and morality is rational. (justifies all forms of evil)
  • Hedonism is irrational. (hedonistic treadmill)
  • Utilitarianism is irrational in many circumstances. (rights, justice, intrinsic value, etc…)

Honorable mention:

  • Further, all decisions are data plus inference.

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