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July 30, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

This should be in every philosophy of science textbook and probably every science textbook too

Here is a list of the philosophical presuppositions of science:

• existence of a theory-independent, external world
• the orderly nature of the external world
• the knowability of the natural world
• the existence of truth
• the laws of logic and mathematics
• the reliability of our cognitive and sensory faculties to serve as truth gatherers and as sources of justified beliefs in our intellectual environment
• the adequacy of language to describe the world
• the existence of values uses in science (e.g., “test theories fairly and report test results honestly”)
• the uniformity of nature and induction

(Garrett J. DeWeese & JP Moreland, Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult: A Beginner’s Guid to Life’s Big Questions, p. 136-137)

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