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October 26, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Why scientific materialistic atheism fails as an ideology and worldview

We emerged randomly and as an accident, has a couple implications.

The Dead End of Relativism:

Relativism. Relativism doesn’t give us a basis for ethics. Relativism doesn’t allow for responsibility, justice, or rights like in the US Constitution. We can’t say parents should be nice to their kids and educate them in a world of relativism.

The Partial Dead End of Utilitarianism:

Or utilitarianism. Utilitarianism leaves us without reason to engage in relationships except pleasure and we can leave when they aren’t pleasurable any more. Thats why the divorce rate is pointing toward 50% and the family is breaking down. The toxicity of this approach to relationships should be intuitive. I’m not saying all looking to results is bad, just that when we do, we have to look at ethical means and ethical intents. In fact, in some ways ethical intents versus ethical ends is all we can hold people responsible for. Or certainly it would be a tiered system of responsibility. Note: Accidental death versus intentional death is handled differently under the law.

The Dead End of Scientism:

A significant portion of new atheists (and old) are scientistic in their approach. This assumes that science is good at medicine so it must be great at all the disciplines. The historical record of all the disciplines as well as their role throughout history in institutions of education as well as books (and on Coursera and You Tube)—and in the lives of real human beings points in another direction.

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