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November 5, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Christian Apologetics Resources List

Introduction to Christian Apologetics:

Cold Case Christianity

Josh McDowell

Sean McDowell

Lee Strobel [currently down]

Ravi Zacharias 

Christian Apologetics Organizations:


Be Thinking


Apologetics Press

More Philosophical Christian Apologetics:

CS Lewis

Alister McGrath

John Lennox (Lennox Christian Apologetics Resources here)

Michael Ramsden

Frank Turek (Cross Examined)

William Lane Craig (Reasonable Faith)

[Lennox, McGrath, and Ramsden work together.  Ramsden also works for Ravi Zacharias]

Convergence between Science and Faith:

Reasons to Believe

See also Alister McGrath

See also Veritas Forum

Christian Apologetics to Islam:

Nabeel Quereshi (works for Ravi Zacharias)

Free Course examining Islam at Biola University by Nabeel Quereshi

[Check out Nabeel Quereshi on YouTube as well]

Christian Theology and Apologetics:

NT Wright

Christian Apologetics and the Historical Jesus:

Gary Habermas

Craig Evans

Mike Licona

Christian Apologetics Podcasts:

Veritas Forum-speeches, debates/discussions, and short clips on Christian apologetics topics

Natasha Crain has an excellence list of Christian Apologetics Resources here at Christian Mom Thoughts.

I also have a lot of respect for the Christian apologetics resource list that Sean McDowell has written for students (presumably high school and youth ministry-types, but could be made relevant to others as well).  The list includes Christian apologetics curriculum.

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