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November 6, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Best YouTube channels for Christian Apologetics videos

Here are the definitive top 10 best YouTube channels for Christian apologetics and using reason to defend the Christian faith and worldview:

Ravi Zacharias

Cold Case Christianity (J Warner Wallace’s YouTube Channel is called Please Convince Me, which is an earlier website he maintained)

Frank Turek (Cross Examined)

Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)

John Lennox

Alister McGrath (you have to search on Youtube.  I believe there are a number of his speeches available on Theology, Philosophy, and Science as well as Gresham College and Veritas Forum)

One Minute Apologist 

Stand to Reason (STR Videos)

Veritas Forum

Theology, Philosophy, and Science

If you are interested and/or passionate about Christian apologetics and learning more, I would suggest subscribing to one or more of the above.  I hope you enjoy your search for answers to Christian apologetics questions.

Do you have any suggestions for top YouTube channels for Christian Apologetics?

  • Note: I did’t actually provide a YouTube Channel for Alister McGrath, but I felt his inclusion was important enough to include on this list.
  • Honorable Mention: Biologos
  • Honorable Mention: Test of Faith
  • Honorable Mention: Josh McDowell
  • Honorable Mention: Sean McDowell
  • Honorable Mention: Open Biola



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