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November 28, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Can a lawyer prove the Historical Jesus is credible and true?

Well Simon Greenleaf who was an atheist professor at Harvard Law school researched the historicity of Jesus Christ.

I would also look to the work of J Warner Wallace, who is a world famous cold case detective (You’ve probably seen him or his cases on Dateline) was an atheist and investigated the facts using his detective skills.

Here is an interesting quote by Doctor James Kennedy which sheds direct light on this question:

“The evidence is all on Christianity’s side. Let’s take a tally: twenty seven books of the New Testament, nineteen pagan writers, and three Jewish writers testify to Jesus Christ’s historical reality. Christians, indeed, did not follow a cunningly devised fable, but a real person. There were, as the Bible proclaims, eyewitnesses to His majesty. That historical fact is at the very foundation of the faith we hold.” (77)

Given the above, the evidence points heavily in the direction of the Bible being the word of God.

–D. James Kennedy, doctorate in comparative religions from New York University, Skeptics Answered: Handling Tough Questions About the Christian Faith, 1997

Thats essentially what Dr. Gary Habermas did to his secular dissertation committee on the resurrection using the Minimalist Facts Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.

Dr. Habermas primarily relied on sources credible with secular scholars to prove the Resurrection did in fact happen: Dr. Gary R. Habermas

Its also worth noting that Simon Greenleaf at Harvard Law School, who was formerly an atheist, proved the Historicity of Jesus in this way by just looking at the evidence. The evidence he complied is a published book thats available on Amazon.

J Warner Wallace, who is a world famous cold case detective whose cases have been on NBC’s Dateline was an atheist and converted based on using his cold case methods to investigate the historicity of Jesus and the events of the crucifixtion and resurrection. Here are a number of his posts on his blog on this question: Evidence For The Resurrection

Actually all three of these individuals have books available on Amazon. In fact, the Simon Greenleaf one I believe is available for free on the internet in various places.

To me, the Old Testament prophecy that comes true in the New Testament is also incredibly telling evidence of Jesus’ divinity. For instance here: Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible

Certainly if a judge excludes naturalistic or materialist assumptions, the case for the divinity or resurrection becomes much, much more viable and credible.

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