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December 17, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Critical thinking, Reductivism, And Systems Thinking

“The world today is intimately and intricately connected, but reductionism is rampant.  We are so busy that we reduce complicated scenarios to memorable bullte points and easily definable silos.  Given the intricately interwoven nature of our world, this isolated approach to thought is more fruitless and more detrimental than ever.

“Compounding the issue is that fact that our brains seem optimized for performing tasks that follow a linear progression.  That tendency is probably why reductionistic thinking is so prevalent.”

“For individual and organizations alike, systems thinking provides a way to view situations and problems within the context of the larger systems that created them.  This viewpoint offers a framework for critical and creative thinking to provide true insights.  If creative thinking and critical thinking are like two sides of a scale, then systems thinking is the fulcrum, balancing both creative and critical approaches based upon the situation at hand (See figure 17).

System thinkers look at cause and effect, relationships, feedback, delays, and unintended consequences to find a balance point.”

Michael Vaughan, The Thinking Effect: Rethinking Thinking to Create Great Leaders and the New Value Worker

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  1. compassioninpolitics / Dec 17 2016 7:05 pm

    This provides a contrast between systems and analytical approaches:

    Here’s the contrast in terms of leadership models:

    Here’s another explanation (although you have to hunt around for the parts):

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