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December 31, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Best Christian Apologists and Philosophers on Twitter

  1. Cold case Christianity
  2. Natasha Crain
  3. McDowells
  4. Os Guiness
  5. Jefferson Bethke ??
  6. Tim Keller
  7. Peter Williams
  8. Gary Habermas
  9. John Lennox
  10. Ravi Zacharias
  11. Alister McGrath
  12. William Lane Craig
  13. Normal Geisler
  14. Stand to Reason (two or more)
  15. Veritas Forum (???)
  16. NT Wright
  17. Nancy Gutherie
  18. Whitworth dude
  19. Gospel Coalition
1) First Things
2) catholic blog
3) cold case Christianity
4) reasons ???
5) apologetics press
6) gospel advocate
7) Equip *****mmme
8) be thinking (uk based sites)
9) biologos
10) calvinism site *****
11) relevant magazine– jesus and suffering *****
12) christianity today
Also Colson center
Tim Keller
Russel Moore
Ed Stetzer
RC Sproul
Alpha and Omega Ministries
Kevin DeYoung
Trevin Wax
Albert Mohler
David Platt
Douglas Wilson
Scott Oliphint
Anthony Bradley
Honorable Mention:
Sarah Bessey
Peacemaker Ministries
Ray Orthland
Jim Elliff
Credo Magazine

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