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January 12, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Rick Warrens “Purpose Driven Life” Review

People consciously and unconsciously seek out their purpose in life. They want their lives to have meaning and purpose—they want them to have impact and significance. And as we grow older and contemplate the reality of our temporary time here on earth these questions get ever more present, ever more real.

We reflect on our time on earth and we want to connect with something real, authentic. We want to connect with the genuine and the truthful and genuine compassion, joy, and love. We want the virtuous fruits to grow in our friendships and communities and ultimately in our own lives. We want to be that person of character who will sacrifice not only for their kids and family but also for their neighbors, community, and even nation.

Day by day we get to make the decision of which type of life we are living. Or in the words which story we think we are living in. Is this all about us? Or is there something more going on here?

This is in some sense the question that Rick Warren addresses in the Purpose Driven Life.

Its an important one, because a materialist, naturalist approach to reality doesn’t provide an ultimate purpose to humanity or to our role here on earth. From that philosophical viewpoint: We’re here and then we die. Our universe was an accident. It doesn’t recognize that bigger story—that bigger passion—or the ultimate value of humanity. Naturalistic science hits zero for three on these questions. As such, as a worldview it begins to look like a dead end of sorts.

Reading Rick’s book can help you find your purpose and understand what the human purpose is. If you study and reflect, Rick’s book can help you find your BIG WHY…the thing that Simon Sinek talks about as being so important in both life and business. Rick helps provide a groundwork and basis for understanding those questions—or at least a framework to help navigate those issues. In that sense it is a vitally important read for anyone who cares about their purpose, meaning, and the significance their life will ultimately have.

You can read the first chapter of The Purpose Driven Life by clicking here.

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