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May 10, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Best Southern Food Restaurants in Nashville, TN

Best Southern Restaurants in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin Area

1) Loveless Cafe (a little away from Downtown Nashville and the wait is kind of long, but certainly a Nashville classic)

2) Monell’s, Arnold’s, Bishop’s, etc… (I prefer Monell’s Cafe over the Manor, but the manor is certainly an experience).

3) Acme Feed & Seed (restaurant converted from old feed & seed factory)

4) Tupelo Honey (**)

5) Butcher and Bee (**)

6) The Farm House (**)

7) The Row Kitchen and Pub (brunch)

8) Martins BBQ or Edlys BBQ

9) Hot Chicken (Hattie B’s is probably better and more accessible than Pepperfire, but I’ll include the later)

10) Also any number of catfish places (Uncle Bud’s)

Probably the best way to determine “popular southern foods” is to look at what southern restaurants serve.

** I think these are all farm to table and you’re going to pay for that kind of meal. There is also Husk, which is probably ranks among the better of these.

The above is a list that happens to be numbered, its not a ranking. I’ve just divided the list by type a bit.


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