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January 1, 2018 / compassioninpolitics

How can I avoid making logical fallacies

Be able to directly connect your premise to data, evidence, or proof. (aka why is that true? or why is that the case? what is the evidence for that claim?) Claim and warrants and data go together.

Limit conclusions to data available. This is argument 101. All good critical thinkers and scientists provide the limits of their conclusions based on available data.

Going beyond the available evidence or data only makes your argument a weak argument. For instance, if I get data from 10 people in San Diego. Its hardly the basis for expanding to all Californians or all people in the US. Over-generalization.

Pay attention to the distinctions that make a difference. Humans are prone to conflation. Pay attention to important analytical categories.

Care about the truth. Be more concerned about the truth than “winning” a discussion or argument. Its about truth, not power. If you’re just about winning arguments in conversation you’ve turned from a critical thinker into Trump.

Clearly identify inferences that go beyond the data. Be explicit or self-reflective about any generalizations.

What it the best and truest and most credible take on this issue. What ultimately gives up the best perspective on the truth.

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