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December 22, 2020 / compassioninpolitics

Random criticism of philosopher

I wonder what I will think of this passage in 8 years (written in Dec 2012):

The following seems to lack any distinctions or nuance which takes into account differences among theologians or what the New Testament says or what Jesus actually said. I would expect a higher level analytical & fact-based precision from a philosopher, rather than borderline hate speech against any entire class of people. If I said all academics were small minded and evil or all philosophers were small minded and evil–I suspect you might feel somewhat the same. Its the same kinds of over-generalizations which give rise to sexism, racism, and any other number of -isms. There’s simply no need to be hurtful.

There’s actually a great deal of diversity among theologians and actually a lot of love–but I guess its easier to throw stones from inside the walls of academic bunker–rather than seek out disconfirming proofs. Certainly, if you go out looking for fundamentalist or even cynical Christians–you’ll probably find them. But, I’m sure Texas has dozens of hippie churches:

In a strange way, we thus become the mirror image of the theologians, yet with the caveat that where they can commit by virtue of their belief in a transcendent term– a horrific God that would condemn trillions to eternal suffering –we can say nothing. Like the theologians we find sin in everything, seeing all as fallen. Like the theologians or the fundamentalist freaks of today, we discard all science as really being masked strategems of power, of interest, that are ultimately constructed and without any truth.

To many, including me, the fundamentalist principle of the bible is founded in the Jesus–the Sermon on the Mount–and the call to love.

It would seem your critique of the church–in its own selectivity and cynicism may just be hoisted on its own petard.



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