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August 26, 2021 / compassioninpolitics

Using Framework and Topicality Against Performative Teams

This is an argument for a common language by Monty Python

There are many other examples of the miscommunication or warped communication which might result from having radically different standards/rules/norms.

You will also want a rant/overview which explains the quote–and unpacks the full meaning.

You still probably have to turn their -ism (racism, sexism)–because they will use that to indict your particular type of education from an ideological perspective.

Arguably….this is a bit of a straw person, but despite that it demonstrates the fundamental need at a fundamental level to have common rules of the road in terms of communication for both education and transformation–particularly when we are persuading others to take action.

This proves their model is flawed at a foundational level–it also proves that the skills and education derived may be severly curtailed or destroyed.

Are there other allegories, metaphors, or clips which make this same argument?


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