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Design for Social Innovations Interview of Paul Polak

Here is a quick summary:
1) The failure of development
2) Achieving scale (scale target: 20 million and personally, income doubled)
3) Secret Sauce of What Works: Talking to customers in depth (At 3:10 he talks about interviews)
4) “Don’t bother trilogy”
5) $100 million 2 dollar a day customers, 10 billion in sales
6) Explosions, own energy (car, personal computer). Products that create their own energy–a whole new business environment.
7) Car investments in India & China earlier (?). Future in emerging markets
8) P & G versus Unilever. They are playing catch up (aka future in emerging markets)
9) $2 a day will be middle class in the future (capture…huge part of future market). From the view of the multi-national
10) Population growth/sustainability (key to target $2 a day). Help 1/2 move out of poverty–global population might stabilize at 7.5 billion.


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