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Best of Social Media, Innovation, and E-Learning

If you’re new here or a return reader….I hope this listing helps enhance and guide your experience here. Feel free to subscribe and join the conversation. Thanks for reading…. (Some of these posts are rather raw and not edited as much as I would like–for that I’m sorry):

Social Enterprise Top Posts

Top Trends in Social Entrepreneurship 2009 and 2010

Social Return on Investment: Tools for Measuring Impact (SROI)

Social Enterprise Book Reviews and Summaries

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” by John Wood of Room to Read

“Out of Poverty by Paul Polack of International Development Enterprises (IDE) (One of The Atlantic’s Top Thinkers of 2010)

“The Blue Sweater” by Jacqueline Novogratz (Acumen Fund)

Best Social Entrepreneurship Books (30 second reviews)

Nonprofits Top Posts


E-learning Top Posts

Best of Social Media and the University Classroom (University & Higher Ed 2.0)

Appreciated Inquiry for Accelerated Learning

Creating an Custom Alltop (creating your own personal learning management system or PLMS)

Proposed Technology Literacy Curriculum Content

The Case for Experiential Learning

Social Media Top Posts

Secrets of Social Media Management (Chris Brogan at the Web 2.0 Conference)

Top Trends in Social Media 2009

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media (probably more about the challenges than the disadvantages)

40 Recommended Social Media Experts

Best General Purpose Posts

The Best Free and Legal Music Online

Best Free and Low Cost Alternatives to Lexis Nexus

Start up Entrepreneurship Tactics and Strategy

Steve Blank Business Model Template

Evaluating a Business Idea (Start up entrepreneur advice from VC Russ Siegalman formerly of Microsoft at Stanford)

What I learned at Start up Weekend Nashville

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (Why Entrepreneurs Fail)

What makes up entrepreneurs (Important core questions for entrepreneurs)

David Livermore on Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Best Graduate School Rankings

Top MPA Graduate Programs (Masters of Public Affairs/Public Administration)

Top MBA Schools for Social Entrepreneurship (Check out the Net Impact Comparisons too–they are fantastic!!!)

Masters Programs in International Development

Best Posts about Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood Tennessee

Best Nashville Restaurants based on Customer Reviews
Best Nashville Live Music Spots

Best of Strategic Debate Posts

How to Do Policy Debate (All posts from Compassion in Politics on Debate Strategy)


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