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November 17, 2008 / compassioninpolitics

Who are the Redding Brothers? | The Physics of Immortality

One of the Redding Brothers recently showed up at one of the local Social Media and tech groups that meets monthly at Noshville Deli for breakfast. He (sorry I forget which brother it was) passed out his CD to several attendees to listen to (and presumably review). If you don’t know who the Redding Brothers are you may have heard them on 89 or 94 in Nashville. Heres a quick and interesting bio:

With acoustic guitar, a dramatic energy, and scruffy, intelligent lyrics – the band has delved into their 90s rock roots, fused them with a classic rock sensibility and created a style of music that will make you believe.

From 2007 to 2008, the band wrote, recorded, and released 53 songs, toured the Middle East from Afghanistan to Kuwait, and perfected a surround sound concert that was performed for college students from all over the US.

If you want to check out what their music sounds like on the Redding Brothers MySpace page (check out the David Lee Roth-esque ups from one of the brothers). You can follow the Redding Brothers on their blog and Twitter. Looking forward to the next album (and hoping and praying they are able to avoid car troubles like they encountered on their trip down to Freed Hardeman)


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